Super Plush Scarf


This beautiful scarf is just as comfy as it looks and it’s super easy to create.

The pattern came from Little Monkey’s Crochet which the creator Rebecca taking her inspiration from high-end knit scarves.  Personally I’d take a hand made one over an expensive one any day!


This scarf sits beautifully and it really stays plush.  I love the ribbed look it has as well.  For yarn I used Loops and Threads Impeccable in the color Aran, which is like a creamy off white.  I think it adds to the fresh looks and plushness this scarf has.

Although this pattern is offered for free, I bought it in an e-book bundle from Little Monkey’s Crochet Etsy Shop.  Personally I like supporting other crafters that put their time into creating beautiful patterns like these and with all the material in the e-book, I think it’s well worth it’s value!  Rebecca’s tutorials are very easy to follow and she has lots of lovely pictures.

Check out more of Little Monkey’s Crochet stuff and other scarves I’ve made here! 🙂


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