Parakeet Hat

Last year I found my son a black and green winter coat and one of my favourite things about having to get him new coats is being able to make new hats to match!

Which mean I’ve also had this yarn since last year in preparation for the hat I was setting out to make.  After a lot of trial patterns, I found this one on the tried and true crochet blog RepeatCrafterMe.  I always trust that the patterns from this site are true to size and will look the same way they are shown.  (Does anyone else ever have that problem when the get patterns from big company yarn sites?)


It is called the Hudson Hat which uses the same yarn but in a different color.  Mine I call the Parakeet Hat because that is the same of the color yarn I used! It is Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick and Quick and it’s a nice medium gray with a very bright neon green mixed in.

From what he tells me it’s a very warm hat. Here is the front view:


Funny enough, this is actually his spring coat which also coincidentally matches the hat!IMG_5291

Thanks for reading!

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