Bryce Bag


I love this bag! This is a project I made earlier this year for a recent trip to Cuba.

The pattern is an original from Lakeside Loops which I purchased on their Etsy Shop.  I love the simple clean look it has.  Using Bernat Handicrafter yarn, there are so many different color options you could do with this bag, but I loved the original so much I made it the same as the pattern.


I think the knotted handles are my favorite part.  The stitches used make these handles look almost knitted, and they are very strong for when you overload your bag a little bit.  Since this is made with cotton yarn, which has little stretch to it and is crocheted very tightly, I found myself taking quite a few breaks because of hand cramps.  But it’s all worth it!  I used this bag a lot at the beach and I use it all the time now for day trips and outings with the kiddies.IMG_5686

Here’s a close up of the stitching.  I cut and put in a piece of thin MDF board in the bottom so make it extra strong and durable.. again for overloading, because I do this very often!

All in all, it’s a beautifully designed bag and the pattern details are amazing.  I have quite a few other Lakeside Loops patterns on my do it list, like the Parker Cable socks and the Fox Leg Warmers for this coming fall/winter.  The hardest part is deciding which one to do first! 🙂

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