Mermaid Lapgans


It seem that mermaid blankets are everywhere right now!  I think they are such a cute idea for all ages.

I made this set last year as a Christmas gift for a friend’s daughter.  She also loves those American Girl dolls, so I thought it would be cute to make a matching one for her dolls too.


The pattern is from by Nadia of YARNutopia and she even has an entire video tutorial on the process.  This really helped a lot when you get to the bottom and need to make decreases.

I think the funnest part about making this blanket is deciding on a colour combination!  I loved searching for cool co-coordinating yarn colours before making this.

I ended up using Red Heart Super Saver in the colour Pale Plum and Craftsmart Solid yarn in the color Turquoise and Craftsmart Ombre yarn in the color Giverny.  Any worsted weight yarn will work for this project.  I don’t usually opt for cheaper yarn but I really wanted the color Wildflower by Red Heart Super Saver and unfortunately I don’t think it’s sold in Canada.  Craftsmart’s Giverny was almost an identical match to what I wanted which is why I chose that yarn instead.  I found this yarn softened up a lot since this blanket was made so it doesn’t really matter that much any way. 🙂


As for the dolly mermaid tail – I simply used a much smaller hook (3.5 mm I believe) and chained less at the beginning of the pattern and went from there.  I figured that the dolls bottom half is probably about 8-9 inches so I made it a little longer than that and just downsized everything from there.


And there you have it! The dolly and me Mermaid afghan set. You can check out other blanket and lapgans I’ve made here. Thanks for stopping by!

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