Red Plaid Slouchy Hat


Have you seen this amazing crochet plaid technique that’s been like.. really popular lately?  It’s so cute, how could it not be?  

Plaid is classic.  Red and black or “buffalo” plaid, will never go out of style.  Which is why I love this design so much!  This hat is designed by Bethany over at Whistle and Ivy.  She’s actually made a ton of different items using the same plaid technique, including fingerless gloves, a cowl, a pillow cover, a wreath, a messy bun hat, boot toppers and quite a few more!  I am definitely obsessed.


For my yarns I chose to use Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice in Charcoal, Loops and Threads in Cherry and Claret.


A few weeks ago on my instagram I took a poll to decide on the pom pom to use to top this hat off.  I had the one pictured and a light grey one that I couldn’t decide between.  I ended up going with the darker one which is by Bernat in the colour Black Mink. I thought it complimented the Charcoal colour well because they both have a black base with bits of grey through out.

So there you have it!  I LOVE this hat.  The pattern is great and so easy to follow, and the colour possibilities are endless!  I highly recommend checking out Bethany’s site to see all of the other amazing things she creates.  I’ve been going crazy making these crochet cast iron pot holders for myself, family and friends.

Thanks for reading!  You can check out more hats I’ve made here.

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