Hooded Dinosaur Blanket

I was so excited when I got a special request a few months ago to make a hooded dinosaur blanket for my nephew.  As you may already know if you’ve been here before, I also have a big dinosaur fan in my house so this was a really fun project to work on!

I knew before I started that I wanted to use a chunkier yarn for this project to make it more plush and warm.  I’m a big fan of Loops and Threads Charisma Yarn.  It’s level 5, so it’s not too bulky nor too thin.  I also find it gets softer and softer over time.  One of my favs!  I used the colours Forest and Taupe for this blanket.

The pattern is based off of this Panda blanket by Make & Do Crew.  I followed it almost exactly aside from the size.  I started my foundation with quite a few more stitches because my yarn wasn’t as thick. 

As for the spikes on the hood and back, I started by trying to make 2 triangle and sew them together but I didn’t really like the way they looked.  Then I remember the dinosaur hat I made a last year and looked up the pattern for that.  With the thicker yarn and larger hook, they ended up being perfect for this blanket.

Here’s my little batman being a great model for me!  There may or may not have been a chocolate bribe involved. 🙂

The hand spikes I made by crocheting a row of 4 single crochets, then decreased with each row and single crochets around the edges.  Make sense?  I hope so, it was pretty easy. I made 6 all together and attached 3 of them to each top corner of the blanket.  I also put a border around to give it a nice finish.

And that’s it!  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to get back into consistent blogging sometime soon when I have the time for my own projects. 🙂

In the meantime you can check out other blankets I’ve made here.

This blanket is also available for order in my Etsy shop!

6 thoughts on “Hooded Dinosaur Blanket”

  1. I’m making this dinosaur blanket. I’m almost done with the hood. Can you you give me more specific directions for the hands and spikes please?


    1. Hi! For the spikes I used the same pattern from this hat. I use a 9mm hook and bulky yarn. http://www.danyelpinkdesigns.com/2010/09/crochet-pattern-dinosaur-spikes.html?m=1
      I didn’t want to repost it since the pattern is not mine.
      For the claws I do ch 4, sc across (3 sc), ch 1 turn sc dec, sc (2sc), ch 1 turn sc dec, ch 1 turn 1 sc (1sc) then I sc all around the triangle. I make 6 and sew 3 on each corner about an inch or so apart.
      I hope this helps! Please let know if you have any more questions. 🙂


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