Mermaid Tail Blanket 2.0

A few years ago I made a mermaid tail blanket for a Christmas gift and I was asked to make 2 more for this Christmas.  Well I was too excited about this project so I’ve already got them done.  I loved making these so much I’m considering making one for myself!

This is a paid pattern by MJ’s Off the Hook Designs and I got it over on Ravelry.  The only reason I didn’t use the same pattern as I did for the last tail I made was because I love trying new things!  This pattern was really easy to follow and worked up so quickly.  I also love the endless colour options you could use with this one not to mention this blanket is also so plush and cozy!

I made 2 tails; one mainly purple and the other mainly pink.  They are for 2 sisters ages 2 and 4 so I wanted to make them the same with a little difference.  I made the Child size version of this pattern, but it also includes an infant size and an adult size.

The yarns I used for the purple tail are:

The yarns used for the pink tail are:

I really like the extra border around the top of this tail.  I find it gives them a nice finishing touch.

My favourite part of this pattern though is the FIN!  I love how nicely it flares out and is truly reminiscent of a real mermaid/fish fin.  Like I said I think I might be making one of these for myself soon!  The problem will be figuring out the colours… so many options!

Well there you have it!  Thanks for taking to time to stop by and check this out.  You can see other blankets I’ve made here.

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