Evil Hamster


Some people that grew up in the 80’s might remember a show called Goose Bumps.  It’s recently made a bit of a come back with the movie featuring Jack Black and all of the original seasons of the show are available to watch on Netflix.
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Kiko the Monkey

Hello everyone! Meet Kiko, the Chinese New Year Monkey!  Isn’t he the cutest!?
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Nightmare Before Christmas’ Zero Amigurumi


My son is OBSESSED with the Nightmare Before Christmas.  It’s the only thing that’s been allowed on the TV in our house for the last 3 weeks.  So of course I got to thinking how I could turn this into a crochet project. 😉 Continue reading “Nightmare Before Christmas’ Zero Amigurumi”

Love Bugs

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for home made gifts.  In searching for a new project I accidentally came across these furry little creatures over at Amigurumi to go.  As cute as they are in black and white, I decided to make mine in purple and green! Continue reading “Love Bugs”