Blue Toadstool Hat

As you may or may not have been able to tell in my posts lately, we have a Mario fan in our house.. (or maybe a few).  It’s great for me though, because I get to make lots of fun crochet projects! Continue reading “Blue Toadstool Hat”

Spider Man Inspired Afghan


I feel like I have been making a ton of blankets lately!  I just see so many things and ideas I want to do and I can’t stop!  It works out though because who doesn’t need more blankets!?  I love them.

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Toddler Cowl


One of the many things I love about having a kid is getting to dress him.  I love getting to put my son in cardigans, skinny jeans, hats, coats, you name it. One thing I’ve gotten into for him is scarves (whether he likes them or not is a different story!). Continue reading “Toddler Cowl”